Moon Myst Music


3 new cassettes and digital album available now:
Body Morph "Burnt Dimension" cass/files
Tyler and Dan "Priceless Icicle Collection" cass/files
Death Engine "Gunner" cass/files
Mossy Throats "Sophisticated Ignorance" files

also here is an hour long mix of favorites we did for the excellent non conveniens series

AUTOPSY EXPERIMENT "Dwellers" cd/files

Autopsy Experiment slathers a horrific mutation of death ambient and harsh noise all over his first new release with the project since '94's "We Live We Dream We Die" cassette on Deadline.

Recorded July 2019 at Chestnut Ridge Foothills.
Sounds by Richard Ramirez.

Pro-disc, edition of 100 and files available here.


Wasteland Jazz Unit "Strayed from Relief Statures" cd/files
Juice Machine "Coast" cd/files
Nodolby "Ears Burr" cassette/files
J.G.D. Azzopardi "Phone Sex for Ducks" cassette/files
Mexika "Patterns 09" cassette/files
Wether "Fungus Crossed" cassette/files
Thousand Year Frog / Mossy Throats split cassette/files
Lidless Eye "Acetone Lavage" cassette/files
Cocaine Apartments cassette/files