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Szdanik Tuuutiitak / Gel Mausoleum "The Weekdays of an Electronic Man" split cassette C60 /40
Beast Flower Coiffeuse / Mossy Throats "Membranes Bear Breaths of Traumatic Insemination" split cassette C30 /40
Tremolo Ghosts / Worker Vs Parasite "Gibraltar" split cassette C60 /50
Fatal Gaze "Ritual Two" cassette C31 /50
Manuel G "2006-2016" cassette C90 /75
Juice Machine "Parallel Patterns" cassette C40 /50
Obozdur "Raw Expressive Forms Vol.2" cassette C60 /50
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New Distributed Items:

Body Morph / Demon Wind / Culver / Stinking Bishop split cassette (Shack in the Barley UK)
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Hidden Worlds:

Moon Myst's semi-regular mix series featuring obscure treasures from the underground experimental, noise and outsider music worlds.

Hidden Worlds #2: Jagged Edge
Hidden Worlds #1

Moon Myst Ghosts:

Several select back-catalog releases now available in "ghost" form via our discogs store, located here. Ghosts are translucent versions of the original release, printed on high quality vellum paper.


Chort "Wine EP" cassette
The Boderlands "Melkur" cassette
Geraniums "Hysteria" cassette
D.Dlugosielski "Come Away" cassette
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