Available Now:

Geraniums "The Fragrance of Hysteria" cassette C40 / files
Szdanik Tuuutiitak / Gel Mausoleum "The Weekdays of an Electronic Man" split cassette C60 /40
Beast Flower Coiffeuse / Mossy Throats "Membranes Bear Breaths of Traumatic Insemination" split cassette C30 /40
Tremolo Ghosts / Worker Vs Parasite "Gibraltar" split cassette C60 /50
Fatal Gaze "Ritual Two" cassette C31 /50
Manuel G "2006-2016" cassette C90 /75
Juice Machine "Parallel Patterns" cassette C40 /50
Obozdur "Raw Expressive Forms Vol.2" cassette C60 /50
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New Distributed Items:

Body Morph / Demon Wind / Culver / Stinking Bishop split cassette (Shack in the Barley UK)
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Geraniums "The Fragrance of Hysteria" available now:

7 tracks recorded by Dave Sams, WCBN, and ourselves between 2017-2018.

Drums - Jessie Dlugosielski
Guitar - Zach Howard
Saxophone - Daniel Dlugosielski

Special thanks to Shelly and Dave.

Available in the STORE and as files.

Hidden Worlds:

Moon Myst's semi-regular mix series featuring obscure treasures from the underground experimental, noise and outsider music worlds.

Hidden Worlds #2: Jagged Edge
Hidden Worlds #1

Moon Myst Ghosts:

Several select back-catalog releases now available in "ghost" form via our discogs store, located here. Ghosts are translucent versions of the original release, printed on high quality vellum paper.


Coims + Ocean Floor "The Sound of Rain on a Balloon" cassette/files
Chefkirk / Mossy Throats split cassette
J.G.D. Azzopardi "Phone Sex for Ducks" cassette
Dominic Coppola "Dream Color Palette" cassette
Swamp Fruit double cassette
Shit Creek "Don't Cry Sci-fi Tiger" cassette/files
Gradatsiya "Impr" cassette
The Borderlands "Melkur" cassette/files
BR "Higher Magick Attacks" cassette/files
BR "Histoire des Croyances et des Idees Religieuses" cassette
BR / Snow-Covered Deer Corpse "Saris" split cassette/files
D.Dlugosielski "Come Away" cassette
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